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Lumisource Bright Ideas – Home Décor That's So Much More!

Lumisource Bright Ideas – Home Décor That's So Much More!

There are several important factors to consider when choosing furniture for your home. Does it fit my space? Does it fit my lifestyle? Does it fit my budget? And that's just to name a few. But once all those questions are answered, which are admittedly very important questions, consider asking yourself one more...Is it fun? Many people see fun and funky furniture and assume it is out of reach. After all, many times the really unique stuff is a one-off piece that does surpass most of our budgets. But there are a handful of high-quality furniture companies bringing the brightest and the boldest for the rest of us, with styles that are easy to work into our home, and prices that are easy to work into our expenses. And one of the companies that's doing it bigger and better is Lumisource.

Want to see the countless cool ways to work Lumisource furniture into your home? Consider some furniture favorites below...

Lumisource Chairs

Whether you're looking for a soft seat for awesome adults, or some comfort for cool kids, Lumisource is guaranteed to have something fresh and unexpected to fit the bill. And if you're looking for something that easily accommodate children and adults, while making your gaming or audio experience the best it can be, then you have most definitely come to the right brand!

Among their most coveted and popular products, Lumisource Boom Chairs are an absolute essential for recreation rooms, whether you play video games or just listen to music and watch DVDs. The Boom Chair is designed to allow you to settle in comfortably for hours, with interior speakers that pass the vibration of the music or audio to the chair, so it's a super sensory experience for you! BoomChairs do fold for easy storage if you want them out of the way when not in use, but they are designed to effortlessly blend with almost any casual décor.

Lumisource Lamps

When it comes to funky, fashionable, affordable lamps, Lumisource really has no competition! Dare we say...this is where the brand shines it's brightest? Their lamp collection is often an introduction to the brand for many people, both for it's great prices and extensive options. We're confident that if you do choose to enter the Lumisource world, whether it's with a Lumisource Lamp or a selection from their marvelously Modern Barstools, it will only be the beginning of many purchases to come!

If abstract art with futuristic flair is what your space calls for, consider these Lumisource Icicle Lamps. The clean, contemporary design can instantly up the modern appeal of any space, while the shockingly low price has an appeal all it's own! Terrifically tall at over 25”, these make a great focal point, statement piece for living rooms, offices...anywhere you want to add a dash of subtle flash!

Browse our full Lumisource Collection to find your favorites. The prices are as amazing as the creative styles, and as always, whatever you choose ships completely free!
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