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Swopper Classic by Aeris GmbH Ergonomic Stool Chair - Black
Swopper Classic by Aeris GmbH Ergonomic Stool Chair - Black
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Swopper Classic by Aeris GmbH Ergonomic Stool Chair - Black

Item #: via-1-swus-10
Brand: Aeris
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Item Description
How can you always keep moving? Just sit down. From birth on we are programmed for movement; we need movement for healthy development and a healthy life. Unfortunately our modern daily life demands hours of sitting. Much as we would like to, we at Swopper cannot change this - but we can change the way you sit!The Classic Swopper chair configuration has an ultra-suede seat with the coordinating spring color. Weight capacity is 290 lbs Your body cries out for activity. Take heed of it.The Swopper chair is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions. For dynamic, ergonomic sitting. The function, design and engineering of the Swopper have won many awards. However, our greatest reward is that the Swopper chair fulfills your individual needs. Every second you sit on it. And move on it.When you sit on a Swopper chair you... strengthen your backtrain your musclesbreathe deeperimprove your concentration, stimulate your circulationhave fun sitting and working Good circulation. Good mood.Sitting on the Swopper chair makes you straighten the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm, helping you breathe deeper and stimulate circulation. The result is better performance and higher concentration. Apart from that, bouncing up and down is good for the mind and soul - because it is pure, simple fun.Always in motion.By keeping balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion. Since the Swopper chair can tilt towards your working surface, there is no longer any need to hunch your back.Training for your muscles.Your entire body is slightly in motion all the time on the Swopper, so practically all muscle groups remain active and well supplied with blood. The entire musculoskeletal or locomotor system is strengthened and can better keep your back upright. The solution: sit your way free!The ergonomic, sprung, active Swopper swivel chair adapts itself to you - not vice versa. - Designed and produced by aeris GmbH

16 W x 16 D x 22-27 H

Evolutionary seating platform that allows you to access motion in all directions while you sit Whole range of natural, fluid and intuitive motion including tilting, swaying and bouncing Adaptable for people of different height and weight 16W x 16 D x 22-27.5 H

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